You’re the alchemist of your reality

I was gazing over this photo that my friend took for hours the other day. In Japan, we believe that there is God or spirit in every existence. I felt spirit of water touched my soul through the photograph. It reminded me we’re also a part of the being.

What I do for work is to connect you to your spirit. Whether it’s reiki or hypnotherapy, past-life or multi-dimensional journey you explore in a session, my job is to connect you to the infinite divine source you’re part of to remind you that you are a part of the divinity, that you are perfect, and that you are that you are. 

I was asked how healing works and what I’m doing in a session. Healing happens when you connect with the essence of you, your spirit soul where consciousness resides. Healing happens when you love and include every part of you and your surroundings as a whole. Healing happens as a result of you connecting with the lost or denied part of you who needed love and guidance in the process of just living here on earth.

I’m a medium to connect you, but you’re healing yourself. You have internal wisdom beyond senses, so healing and tuning happen without your conscious self being aware, but it is you healing yourself. 

Art has been the most notable medium to me in a physical format to move and awaken our soul. What’s magical is it is the human who is the medium of the alchemical work of receiving the intuition, mixing with his intelligence, and delivering the message into the world. It could also be music, dance, performance, or cooking. Pay attention to whatever inspires you and just be amazed by the magic.

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