What My Clients Are Saying

During the course of 3 years, Akiko saw hundreds of students who were benefited by her Reiki. The change she made for these children is enormous. On behalf of the children and the whole staff members of YWCA, I would like to say thank you and I would highly recommend Reiki with Akiko! We also had her come in for our staff training, and she taught our staff breathing techniques and did a Reiki demonstration with our staff. Many of our staff had been stressed or had some form of pain before the Reiki session. After the Reiki session, our staff said they felt more centered and noted that the pain had left them. I would highly recommend Reiki with Akiko for sure! She’s professional, she knows exactly what she is doing and she makes her clients feel better after every session. Thank you, Akiko!

YWCA Greater Los Angeles and Los Angeles Job Corps

YWCA Greater Los Angeles

Akiko is a miracle worker. I had Reiki for the first time in my life, and I went in without any expectations. The experience was mind blowing. I felt this lightness over my whole body while she was working her magic. I felt calm, peaceful yet full of optimism and hope. Akiko was highly recommended to me by my friend, and now I want everybody to know how magical she is. Thank you, Akiko. I will come back again, I’ve already made another appointment.

Marina B.

Los Angeles

I recently was fortunate enough to receive the blessing of Aki's wonderful healing modalities. I told her of the particular issues which were causing bloackages in my life and she was very empathetic and understanding as she patiently listened to my concerns. After I told her everything she did a few sessions of hypnotherapy and reiki on me. As she used those two modules of healing on me I felt at ease and very relaxed. Over a few sessions I really started to feel like my issues were coming to the surface for me to deal with and my blockages were completely cleared. I highly recommend that anyone in need of hypnotherapy and reiki for any type of healing to benefit from Aki's profound healing sessions, you will be glad you did.

Ryan M

Los Angeles

My sister and my Mom both go to Aki, and now I am her customer for life! I was going through a tough time, and the minute I met with Aki, she put me at ease with her aura of calmness and the wisdom of a thousand years of knowledge that she has in her eyes. Her hands have some magical healing power because as she was working over my body I felt the energy become lighter… I can’t express it in words, you have to go to experience it to know what I’m talking about. My life has become better in every single way. I’ll always credit this to Aki. Thanks for healing me!!! See you next week!!

Jenn F

Santa Monica, CA

I hope this review will help someone find this wonderful Reiki Master. She’s the best! I had to go through 3 different people to find someone that actually did what they said they’ll do and Aki is the one who actually healed me. Thank you for the bottom of my heart, Aki.

Maura R

Washington DC

A little while ago I had heard of people benefiting from doing a past life regression as I became aware that we live many lives on this planet and I was curious as to how that works and sought out Akiko for a session as I had already benefited from her other two modules of healing work and I was so glad that I did. To my surprise, I found out indeed I did have many past lives. With Akiko's sessions, I saw a glimpse of just the important ones which I was meant to be aware of in this life in order for me to deal with the traumas which were stored in my DNA. Akiko's voice and her script was so calm and relaxing and allowed me to drift off to a quiet serene place in my consciousness where I was able to enter deep hypnosis, tapping into my subconscious mind where I was able to visit my past lives. If anyone has an open mind and would like to experience such a unique experience I definitely recommend that you check out her past life regression sessions, it will be an experience that will be a valuable tool in your life.

Robert D

Los Angeles

Couldn’t be happier with Ms. Akiko. I’m a guy with terrible back pain, and after the first session, I immediately noticed a big difference. She said it will be better, but for it to work that fast was truly miraculous. I’ve since had a few sessions, and I’ll continue to go for other things as well. This review is a heartfelt thank you.

Joshua K

Los Angeles

I had in-person sessions with Akiko to recover from a surgery I had about a year ago. It was an emotionally very stressful time for me and my family. Having a session with her really helped me to relax and release the pain and anxiety I was having at that time. I highly recommend Reiki sessions with her for anyone who is going through medical treatment. It made a recovery so much easier and faster. After the initial sessions, I continued online sessions with her. At first, I was skeptical about receiving Reiki online but I feel the warm energy coming through my stomach and abdomen. I have deep good night sleep every time I have Reiki with Akiko. My mental energy is more clear and awaken the next day. Thank you Akiko.

Masako K

Tokyo, Japan

I was going through a severe case of Insomnia, and I was looking for a good hypnotherapist who can do an online session with me. I found Akiko though a normal Google search, and she exceeded all my expectations. She was lovely, and I felt immediately comfortable and safe at all times. She has a gentle spirit and instantly knew where I needed help. Thank you and I highly recommend Akiko.

Sambit P

Calcutta, India

Anxiety and fear were keeping me from moving forward in every area of my life. I had hypnotherapy with Akiko for two months and it has helped me completely eradicate it. With Akiko’s guidance, I felt I was in best hands. Highly recommended!


West Los Angeles

I’ve seen Akiko-san several times over the past year, and every time I’ve left with more energy, positivity, confidence, and joy for life. My attitude has changed. Do not hesitate to experience hypnotherapy. She’s a great therapist and I can’t thank her enough.

Hide N

Orange County, CA

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