Classes & Events

Awaken & Rise together to the new consciousness

We have classes and events to learn various tools to heal yourself and raise your vibration to new awareness.

Reiki Class

Learn how to heal yourself and others

You will learn how to heal yourself and others as you connect with Reiki, the universal life force energy of Divine Light. From level 1 to 3, you'll learn various healing techniques in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. 

Self-Hypnosis class

Heal and connect with the divine self

You'll learn various self-hypnotherapy techniques in levels of 1 to 3 to heal yourself and connect with the divine self. 

Spiritual Retreat

Oneness with the Universe

We have retreats and events to help us in sync with the Universe and connect with ourselves in nature.

Reiki level 1 class on September 7