global peace

Global Fear to Global Peace

How do we change this epidemic global fear to global peace? At this time, the world has reached the peak of what we have known as reality. Although many of us predicted a major global shift will come this year, most of us including me didn’t know this will happen like this in the blink of an eye. We are in a fear of getting infected, being sick, financially broken, or in a fear of being controlled. They’re valid concerns to finally take a look at “what am I really fearful of?”.  

When we experience fear and anxiety, we try to get rid of it, not to feel it or try to shift our minds to positiveness. I can tell you it never really works. I see clients after many years of therapy and positive mindfulness (which works to some extent), but it will come back to you again and again in many different scenarios until you learn to love all parts of you. We have all emotions for a reason to be whole. 

What are fear and anxiety?

In the energy field, fear and anxiety are considered an attachment to the future that hasn’t happened yet. In other words, your mind left the body to the future, so there’s a separation between the mind, spirit, and body connection. Humans are designed to be fearful of the unknown future as an animalistic survival mechanism in our DNA. It requires attention and energy because it is an essential function in our body to feel “it’s safe to live.” 

How do we work with fear and anxiety then?

So how do we work with fear and anxiety? You need to walk towards it instead of walking away from it. It’s the opposite of our instinct reaction. You walk to the fear and sit with it and see what happens. You can listen and ask questions. It’s like a frightened stubborn kid who needs extra attention. It goes like this.

  • Fear #1 I’m afraid of getting the virus: Are you taking care of yourself? Why do you think you’ll get infected? How can you stay healthy and strengthen your immune system? What is it that makes you so afraid of covid-19? Have you researched the stats? Are you really afraid or just feeling afraid because of the media? 
  • Fear #2 I’m afraid of being sick or getting my family members sick: Why are you afraid of getting sick? Where is your thought of your loved ones get sick and die coming from? Why do you not want to lose them? Do you think they are weak and old? How can you help them? Have you asked for help?
  • Fear #3 I don’t want to die: Why and what’s your life right now for you? How do you want to live your life until then? Do you want to live and why? 
  • Fear #4 My freedom is being taken: What does freedom mean to you? Have you ever really had freedom?
  • Fear #5 I lost my job and I’ll be broken: Is it true? Were you making the money you wanted before the covid-19 or are you just blaming it? What are the options? Did you love your job? 

Transform global fear to global peace

Some questions may make you feel bitter and uncomfortable but that’s part of death and rebirth. Anxiety, fear, all other emotions that came up to the surface at this time were already there in your subconscious mind. The COVID pandemic magnified what lied underneath. This is a great opportunity for healing, to be honest with yourself, and transform for liberation. 

I promise they are there for you to help you to be awakened, help the earth and humanity to become healthy. Have we had a healthy system in our economy, health care system, education before the COVID-19? Were you really happy and healthy even before the COVID-19? The entire universe is in you. Health and wealth start in your microcosm. 

So much love to all of you. Your spirit chose to come to earth in this era to experience and help the global shift together. From global fear to global peace. This isn’t easy but we all know changes aren’t easy but worth so much as Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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