souls journey

Soul’s journey to ascension

Many of you have probably heard 2020 will be the year of ascension and the soul’s awakening, but where are you ascending to and what are you awakening for? I sensed many people have a vague idea about the soul’s development and what the age of Aquarius is, so I’d like to talk about them in a nutshell.

What is Ascension?

What is ascension? Ascension is really an incension because when we dive within, we are able to tap into our higher-self which has access to the source of the Universe. In this way, we are able to truly connect to the multi-dimensional omniverse. When people talk about ascension, it often refers to your vibrational consciousness rising from 3-dimensional reality to 5-dimensional reality (and even higher dimensions). The 3D world is the earthly realm limited to time, space, and material physical reality. The 5th dimension is the realm of light and unconditional love, where the frequency is higher and beyond time and space. Reiki is a great example of accessing the high-dimensional energy to the earth realm. It is allowing our higher senses to come online to fully experience all of these realities. 

What is the Age of Aquarius?

What does the Age of Aquarius have to do with ascension? Earth has its own plan, and the galaxy has its movement beyond human capability. We on earth left behind the age of Pisces which lasted the last 2,100 years and entered into the age of Aquarius last year, which represents co-operation and humanitarianism (5D consciousness). The legacy age of Pisces was the era of yan male energy of power and materialism (3D), where we’ve searched and created a great deal of material wealth. The frequency of the new age of Aquarius where the earth is directing to is much higher than what we are used to. So when you vibrate with higher frequency such as unconditional love, harmony, and joy (500 – 600 Hz), in other words, ascend to the 5th-dimensional consciousness, it makes your personal transformation easier.

Some people might’ve experienced an energetic shift start of this year as all planets moved directly to the age. At this time, we are witnessing a massive transformational period of ending one age to another new age of the next 2 thousand years. When change happens, old energy that cannot survive the new has to go for the better. 

Change isn’t easy for most of us because our mind is wired to the old familiar to survive the present human reality. I have to say this change to navigate the earth’s transformation is a major task for all humanity, not only to survive the external impacts such as COVID or 5G but to awaken the sleeping human soul to ascend to more loving and collaborative inner-world, which will then reflect our external reality. 

When your energy and action come from the place of love where the new Earth is supported, it will be easier to manifest than it was in the old era. But when you vibrate with the energy of fear, doubt, and greed, it is a difficult time to live anymore because the supporting structure is corrupting or gone. To navigate the change, it’s important to know that you’re not the mind but the spirit on Earth with the amazing mental and emotional faculties as a tool to navigate your destiny. But how do we practically do that?

Process of Spiritual Awakening

We hope that once we’re awaken it’s all done, but there is a process for the soul’s development, typically described as 1) personality-soul, 2) soul, and 3) spirit-soul. When you start to question life in general and the purpose of life, that’s when your personality-soul is awakened to seek the truth. From there, you start working on yourself, healing the past, searching a more meaningful life. This stage of soul development can be frustrating, isolating and some of us go through a depression-like symptom or feeling stuck.

Most of my clients had a first spiritual awakening and struggle in this 2nd stage as they’re working through it and understand what you truly are. What you are is pure love and light being, we all are, what you’re meant to do here on earth isn’t limited to one form but simply an expression of the love you are. But you need to experience and understand it first hand that you’re a spirit of eternal love that chose to come to earth.   

We’re energy being consisted of 70% water which vibrates easily with external vibration. So in this process, I highly recommend being with people living in the frequency that you’d like, learning and being with like-minded people, and continue your healing to be more clear soul. In soul development, it’s easy to doubt, frustrated, and fall back to your old self. Know that it’s common for all of us who choose the spiritual path as earth vibrates heavier than the spiritual realm so give yourself a hug and patience. 

3 steps to help your awakening process

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In addition, here is some exercise you can do:
#1 Write a letter to yourself 3 years ago: Reflect on where you were and give a message or support that you would’ve liked to have. As if you’re a mentor for yourself from the future. It’s a healing process for most of us.
#2 Write a letter from the future, 3 years from now: You can imagine whatever future you’re like to experience. Send a blessing from your future self!
#3 Write a letter from you today: Imagine you have seen everything you’ve gone through in this lifetime. What would you like to say to yourself? 

Sending lots of love and support. You’re the master of your soul’s journey, not the ego or the mind, but the spirit that walked all the journies with you, past, present, and the future.

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