Transformation Healing Programs

Welcome to the Reiki & Hypnotherapy Healing program that will create a complete transformational shift in your consciousness

The 6-session healing program guides you to heal the past wounds that no longer serve you and help you see your wholeness as you integrate the higher-self and fragmentations in the personality-self. Each session has a unique combination of hypnotherapy, reiki energy work, Akashic reading, and crystal package option to address specific areas that need healing.

In the healing program, we'll begin the process by letting go of the root cause of the limiting patterns in your subconscious mind by healing the emotional traumas attached to the past. In a deeply relaxed state, you'll have a conversation with your inner wisdom to learn more about who you are and discover why you are here, and see yourself on a newly aligned path with your soul's wisdom and guidance to move forward in your life.

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Sample Healing Sessions in the Program

inner child healing

Inner-Child healing

~ Heal your traumas and patterns ~

Heal your traumas and change the subconscious patterns created by the self-protection mechanism. Heal the wounds and return the inner-child to the light.

Emotion code healing

~ Heal your unhealed emotions ~

You can heal your emotion attached to memories. Replace the unhealed emotion with a higher vibrational state aligned with what you'd like to create in your life.

emotion code
relationship code

Relationship code healing

~ Heal your relationship ~

Heal the unresolved issues in relationships with partners, family, friends, and deceased loved ones. Receive messages and guidance through your soul for more meaningful connections.

Past life regression

~ Remember your soul's essence ~

See your soul's past journies, lessons, and traits that you carried to this lifetime. Heal your karmic wounds to clear your energy here and now.

past life regression
soul retrieval

Soul retrieval

~ Reconnect with your lost soul ~

Find your lost or fragmented souls, and integrate your spirit back into your body. Heal and unite the higher-self and the personality-self.

Higher-self connection

~ Receiving Love and Divine Wisdom ~

Connect with your higher-self for love, wisdom, and guidance from the soul's perspectives to your current issues in human reality. Healing and understanding occur when you see your situations from higher realms.

family tree

Ancestral lineage healing

~ Heal your ancestral patterns ~

Clear and heal the old patterns that no longer serve your ancestry lineage. Start a new pattern from your generation and onward.

Akashic Records

~ Your soul's journey ~

Observe your soul's journey in the book of life. Receive the universal wisdom and guidance that align with your soul from the source of information, Akashic Records.

elastic records
transformation healing

Spirit guides connection

~ Love from your spirit guides ~

Receive love and guidance from your spirit guides for questions you may have in your life and issues you may face.

Areas of Healing

Anxiety and fear

Healing of the sensation attached to the past. Bring safety and security.

Limiting beliefs and patterns

Healing the subconscious patterns that are shaped in current life, ancestry patterns, and past lives.

Trauma healing

Observe the events from a higher perspective for healing. Regression work can be used to heal traumas.


Bring soul back into the body for vitality. Energy cleanses of any attachments.

Insecurity and lack of confidence

Healing the old subconscious patterns. Bring soul's essence into the self.

Feeling stuck in life

Heal the root cause of the subconscious issues. Connect to higher-self for divine wisdom and guidance.

Loss of purpose in life

Bring your soul to your consciousness. Receive guidance from Akashic Records.


Heal the root cause of the issues created in the past. Bring soul back into the body.

Soul loss and fragmentation

Soul retrieval and integration with the soul, mind and body in oneness within.

Self-love and self-esteem

Healing the personality-self by observing from higher perspectives to cultivate Love within.

Physical pain and discomfort

Connect with the body to listen to its voice. Receive healing guidance from higher realms.

Relationship issues

Connect with loved ones through relationship code. Take a look at soul contracts, past lives, ancestry lineage for healing.

Program Pricing

Each program has 6 healing sessions (2 hours per session). It includes a combination of reiki, hypnotherapy, counseling, and Akashic reading. You'll also receive ongoing reiki support during the program. You can choose from online or in-person in Santa Monica.


  • 6 healing sessions of Reiki & Hypnotherapy, usually completed within 3-6 months


  • 6 healing sessions of Reiki & Hypnotherapy, usually completed within 3-6 months
  • Akashic Records Reading of your soul


  • 6 healing sessions of Reiki & Hypnotherapy, usually completed within 3-6 months
  • Akashic Records Reading of your soul
  • Personally selected crystals attuned by Crystal Master Teacher, Sat Devbir

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What my clients are saying

What I most enjoyed about my sessions/program was the feeling of relief I felt after. The process of healing and letting go of unnecessary energies that I had carried for so long. The thing that stood out for me was the power I have in me to be able to heal. I didn’t know I could do that with the proper help. During my session/program, I felt I was getting to know the deeper sense and things about myself that I didn’t know I had in me. What surprised me the most was the connection with my inner child and my future self. I was able to learn how much I’ve grown and appreciated my life even though they were hard.

Before the program, I was carrying so much disappointment, frustration, hurt, and the feeling of being stuck. After the program, I felt relieved to let go of my past, focus on the now, and learn to enjoy the journey to my future. Life now after the program is great. I learned a lot about myself, and it provided guidance. I use everything I have learned in my daily life. I also teach my girls, which will help them in their life as they grow. It gave me the peace I needed. 

The benefits I received from the program were finding inner peace, inner guidance, and looking into the future with optimism. I would definitely recommend Akiko’s services to anyone who is looking into healing and growth. Akiko is amazing at what she does, and I will be forever thankful for all that she taught me. 

Linda Madriz

Akiko's gentle guidance set the right tone to help me release my fears and tap into my authentic self. I felt invigorated, loved, and supported during our sessions, inspiring me to create a life I enjoy living. What stood out to me was I was under hypnosis so deep I was able to fully connect with a long-deceased relative who has been guiding me all my life. I was also amazed how experiences in my past lives have such a profound impact on a current situation with people I know now.

Before the program, I struggled to understand and release my subconscious blocks. I was stuck in pain stemming from my lack of progress in my life. After the program, I no longer dwell on painful situations from this life and I work hard to change that. 3 benefits I received from the program were a) spirit guides to reach out to daily, b) exercises to help change negative thought patterns, c) a sense of emotional well-being and self-love.

I believe a concise, well-structured program designed and targeted to get to the heart of your emotional issue on the subconscious level is ultimately more successful and transformative than random therapy sessions. I would recommend Akiko's 6-week program to anyone interested in connecting to their dreams and discovering their purpose.

Gayle Jackson

I wanted to try hypnotherapy for the first time and chose Akiko because she also does Reiki, which I love. I was experiencing a lot of emotional pain from a past relationship and confusion about what to do next with my life but after my sessions with Akiko, I felt clear about what I wanted to do and excited about my future. I was able to work through the emotional pain that was clouding my clarity. I really enjoyed connecting with my higher self during the session. It was an amazing experience of immense love. After my sessions, I felt immense inner peace and well-being. Working with Akiko really helps to clear emotional blocks in order to live a fuller happier life.  

Deondra Carter

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