Transformation Hypnotherapy Program

transformation hypnotherapy

You are the alchemist of your reality

Transformation starts when you make a decision of accepting where you're at right now and shifting the energy to what your soul is aligned with. We will start the process by taking a look at the cause of your pattern in the subconscious mind and healing the past with love and respect to all the elements that brought you here today.

Hypnotherapy gives you guidance to have a conversation with your inner-wisdom in a deeply relaxed state of mind. You will learn more about yourself in the process, find the truth, and create your path with love and acceptance. If you'd like to know more about what hypnotherapy is, please click here.

Sessions are customized based on your unique situation. Here is a sample program.

Week 1: Introduction to Hypnotherapy

  • Conscious and Subconscious Mind
  • Your story and history in the mind
  • Where you are right now => What you want to experience
  • Suggestibility test
  • Relaxation and positive self-image hypnosis

Gift & Homework: Positive self-image exercise

Week 2: Trauma Release Session

  • Release and shift old patterns in the subconscious mind
  • Regression work to heal the past traumas
  • Confidence and positive self-image hypnosis

Gift & Homework: Breathing method to purify and let go of old-self

Week 3: Color & Image Healing Session

  • Heal and vitalize your mind & body with colors and images that are in match with your energy
  • Stability and new self-image hypnosis

Gift & Homework: Color cleanse and meditation

Week 4: Your Expression & Creativity Session

  • Explore and express what you came here to experience and create in the world
  • New expression and confidence hypnosis

Gift & Homework: Self-hypnosis for relaxation and inner-connection

Week 5: Wisdom from Your Higher-Self Session

  • Messages and images come from the wise within you
  • Reassuring new self-image and confidence hypnosis

Gift & Homework: Affirmation exercise

Week 6: You’re Loving Being Session

  • Love, acceptance & strength to see the truth, delivered from your subconscious
  • Reassuring new self-image and positive self-image hypnosis

Gift & Homework: Love expansion exercise

"You are an alchemist; make gold of that." - William Shakespeare

Transformation Hypnotherapy Program

$1,560 6 sessions
  • Initial counseling and suggestibility test
  • 6 transformational hypnotherapy sessions (120-min)
  • Healing & transformation tips and homework of the week

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