Spring Reiki Retreat

~ Welcoming Joy & Creativity ~


When: May 5, Sunday

Where: Walker Horse Farms, Topanga

Hours: 11 am - 4 pm

Cost: $400

Join us for our Spring Reiki Retreat with Horses "Welcoming Joy & Creativity" 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting energy of spring and embark on a transformative journey of joy and curiosity? Join us at our exclusive one-day spring Reiki retreat nestled in the serene beauty of Topanga's private ranch, where the gentle whispers of nature and the majestic presence of horses await to guide you on a path of healing and illumination.

Experience the profound wisdom and healing energy of horses as they gracefully join us throughout our retreat. Reconnect with your present moment, which holds joy, creativity, and playfulness, and ignite a vision for your future self through Reiki, guided hypnosis sessions, and intimate interactions with our animal companions.

As nature awakens and blooms around us, let this retreat be your sanctuary for rejuvenation, happiness, and everlasting life force.

This experience will be guided by Akiko and Frida, guiding and addressing your journey with their expertise and compassionate presence.


You'll experience:

  • Guided meditation - ground & tune into yourself
  • Reiki - healing, relaxation, welcoming joy and creativity
  • Spiritual hypnotherapy - inviting your future self who holds joy and happiness
  • Soulful activities in a group, individually, and with the horses.
  • Connection with the horses and other animals on the ranch
  • Lunch, drinks, and a gift bag included

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today and gift yourself the nourishment your soul deserves. The day will be in a group setting, and the reiki and the experience with the animals will be held in a group. Together, let's welcome the season of renewal and embark on a transformative journey of light and love.

To read more about Akiko's work: https://www.akikohoshihara.com

To read more about Frida's work: https://www.fridakarsberg.com

We look forward to seeing you and having a soulful day together!

With gratitude, Akiko and Frida

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