past life

Your Past and Present Life

Why do we live many lifetimes?

Do you believe in past and present life exists? Our spirits have lived many lifetimes on earth and other planets, and we chose to come into the earth at this particular time to experience what we wanted to experience through human emotions. It gives us an opportunity to learn and rise above limitations on the dense reality. Some may go through excruciate pain and suffering in the process, and I’d like to bring compassion to the path you are walking through. We are friends and soul family who chose to come to the planet at this time to take each part and create an orchestra.  

What is karma?

What I’ve been seeing by facilitating past life regression is that every one of us has beautiful wisdom and message brought to this life from our previous life experiences. Your soul exists beyond time and dimension, and your being here is absolutely irreplaceable. If your action wasn’t in alignment with the Source in the past, you have the chance to recognize the pattern and release it in this present lifetime. No need to waste your energy circling the same thing over and over when you’re ready to move to the next place! 

In the age of Aquarius, energy on earth started to move faster, and it’s a great time to shift the reality. So bring your wisdom through your spirit in the body, and let go and receive support from the universe. 

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