unblock your potential

How to unblock your energy

How to unblock the stuck energy is often asked by clients. It’s been overcast, and we sometimes forget how precious it is to see the Californian blue sky because we get used to it, and more often than not, we’re blocking the view. In other words, we forget how to connect with the sky, the universal Creator, even though it’s there. We exist between the sky and the earth, and it’s easy to get disconnected and unconsciously block the flow of life force energy from the above and below because of external limits and distraction. But they are always there for you when you unblock and open to receive.  

Why am I stuck?

The protective self isn’t always bad. It loves you, and it deeply cares about you to be safe. But when your soul is ready to create and move in a new direction that you haven’t experienced before, the protective self can block you to go further because its job is to protect you.  

How can I unblock my stagnant energy?

One thing you can do is to calm down your protective self, your ego. Know that you’re ultimately protected from the Creator for you to learn and grow as a human. You won’t forget traumas or suppression you’ve experienced before, but connect with your heart and sharpen your belief and faith because of the experience. Only you have the authority to grow and create. By doing so, you’ll start seeing the beauty you’ve never seen before, and I’ll support you in a healing session if you’d like to move the process to release your invisible blocks. 

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