love yourself

Self-Love. Love yourself.

We, as a soul, are a manifestation of Love. Then, why is it hard to love ourselves? If everyone on earth is descended version of Love, what makes you feel that you’re not enough, constantly criticizing yourself and others, or feeling unsafe even when everything is going well? 

What is Personality-Self?

When we struggle with self-love, most of us struggle with loving and accepting the personality-self. It happens to most of us because humans by nature experience a separation between the self and the soul. It’s also called the yin and yang polarity of earthly characteristics. Due to the unique characteristic, we are pure love on a soul level, but as humans, we have the personality-self or the ego, which creates doubt, confusion, separation from Love.  

The personality-self is the protective one to help our souls to navigate this human reality. It is extremely loving, diligent, and protective of the soul, but it could be very stubborn and hard-wired once programmed how to operate in the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind you can work on in hypnotherapy. It’s the guard of your soul but also could act like a child. A lot of subconscious patterns are a result of the self trying to protect us from triggers. We tend to forget this part of us exists; the part of us protect and work hard to make our reality go smoothly. They love being listened to and just being recognized for the work they do. Maybe some of their patterns are not serving you anymore, but it was initially created for a reason most often to protect your soul. So be kind to yourself, and listen to what it needs to say. Activities that speak to your 5 senses like listening to music, dancing, creating artwork, aromatherapy helps to connect the self and the soul. 

Relationship between the self and the soul

Love is what we are on a soul level, and it’s much more simple, high vibrational, and clearer than the current human conditions on earth. In the perfect world, we as soul beings come here and fully experience our loving existence through physical, emotional, and mental bodies. But the human consciousness we have today has accumulated a lot of lower vibrational energy than what we originally are, as we lived thousands of years in the dark ages.

So, even though we come here as perfect love, our collectively created environment doesn’t always have the capacity to reflect Love the way we really are. Additionally, the karmic energy we brought here constantly challenges us to clear the past and practice love in human reality. It’s not always easy, but healing is possible through modalities like past life regression therapy.

Love with Earth together

Many of us chose Earth to challenge ourselves to integrate, experience, and manifest Love on the 3-dimensional human level. Give yourself a big hug for taking the challenge! Love and care for yourself for living the life. As we receive the support of the planetary movement, I hope we remember we are here practicing Love with Earth together. 

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