Meet Your Spirit Guides!

What are spirit guides, and how can we meet them? Today, I wanted to talk about using hypnotherapy to get guidance from the spiritual realm. You might’ve been already working on yourself to find your path, release anxiety and fear, build self-esteem and confidence, etc. Sometimes, we’re so hard on ourselves and forget to receive gifts to guide us. 

How do hypnotherapy and spirituality work together?

In hypnotherapy, you can meet and have a conversation with your guides within you to receive wisdom, love, and guidance. We are spirit beings. Whether you’ll connect with your higher-self, spirit guides, ancestors, or nature beings, they’re there all the time to support your journey, and you’ll meet with what your soul is aligned with. It’s a healing and loving hypnotherapy session, and you’ll receive a message for what you’re going through.

spirit guides and hypnotherapy

What issues can you heal and work on with your spirit guides?

  • Trauma
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Loss of purpose in life
  • Physical and emotional pain
  • Old patterns that no longer serve you

Who are my spirit guides and how can they help me?

  • Higher-self
  • Spirit guides (light beings, archangels, ascended masters)
  • Nature beings (spirit animals, trees, plants, flowers)
  • Ancestors
  • Beings in other planets and star systems

Everyone has spirit guides who support our journey on Earth. They can bring you a special message that can give you clarity and healing for what you’re going through. It’s a conversational hypnosis session where you’ll be relaxed and in tune within yourself. So many people had breakthrough and healing experiences when they meet their guides and receive loving messages for their souls.

Healing Humanity with Spirit on Earth

When we open the field in higher consciousness, a lot of release and healing can happen; in other words, we bring ourselves into a higher vibrational energy field. We are a spirit realizing the gift of free will as a human to bring light through each of us in the earthly realm. I’m hoping more light will reveal through you in every way. If you’re lost in your path or curious about the next step of your life’s journey, this session can bring you clarity. You can book a session or join the transformation hypnotherapy programs. 

Have a wonderful Spring!

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