relaxation and creativity

Relaxation and Creativity

Relationship between relaxation and creativity

Here is the relationship between relaxation and creativity. Your soul is happier when you’re relaxed and creative. You might ask “Why am I here?” “Where is this fear coming from?” “How can I change my life?”. You might’ve done so much healing work and soul searching, but still, something doesn’t feel right. The soul has a deep desire to be expressed through your existence. If it’s not being expressed, doesn’t create or produce the life your soul came here to experience, it feels suppressed and loses the light. You are loving and creative beings by nature. You just forgot you are creating your reality every moment. And of course, fear and judgment stop you when you “try” to change your life because change makes you feel unsafe. The key is to let your creative force naturally come to you.  

How to be more relaxed and creative

When you relax your conscious mind, which can be done by relaxing the body, you’re making a space for your life force to come through you. When you do so, the ego which is protection can step aside for a moment, and what your soul wants to experience and create can appear. Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation, while the mind is clear. Feeling stuck might be your soul’s yearning to be heard, accepted, and expressed.

Creativity isn’t forceful, and it naturally comes when you’re most relaxed. Relaxation also occurs when you’re creating and experiencing something because you’re in the body during the process. When you’re in the body, which means you’re in the present moment, you’re separating energy attached to the past (such as sorrow and resentment) and the future (anxiety). As a result, your spirit feels liberated. 

It’s not always easy, but it’s a baby step to take care of your precious soul. If you need a help on relaxation and creativity, let hypnotherapy help you on the natural process.

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