Welcoming the month of sharing gratitude for everything that you are! Every pumpkin you see started from seed. What you don’t see is the process it went through. Only the pumpkin experienced the joy of sunbathing, struggles of getting enough water, the emptiness of being alone, and the knowingness of what it became. While there might be a preference for what it looks like, there is no right or wrong for the life it was given, or for the way it’s grown. 

Gratitude is one of the most beautiful human emotions that can open your heart. Think of 3 people you’re grateful for. Sit quietly for a moment and feel how it feels. Maybe you felt relieved by the help you’ve received, maybe you feel accepted and loved just by the presence of the person, or maybe you feel encouraged by the strength you saw in the person. Whatever emotion you felt from being grateful for, you’ve also given the same quality to other people in the past. It’s a two-way reflection. 

Sometimes, little that we thought we are is life-saving to others because love and gratitude are beyond what we can measure in the physical realm. It’s not about how much you “think” you’ve received, but rather it’s how much you’ve felt the appreciation in your heart. Probably beyond what you can put it in words. 

Giving, receiving, and sharing what you are today is just enough and perfect as is. For this holiday season, give a gift of healing session for you and your loved ones. We have a colorful gift card to choose from!

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