5 steps for healing and manifestation

5 steps for healing and manifestation

How can we practice healing and manifestation of our dreams? We say “be careful what you wish for”, in other words, the Universe responds to what we seek. Isn’t it beautiful? Many struggles with anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc., and sometimes we get stuck in the same dark holes! Here is a quick step for what to ask the universe for healing and manifestation:

5 steps to heal your past and manifest for the future

  1. Make a list of what you want. Most of us think all day without having much clarity. Why would the universe respond if you’re not sure about what you’re seeking? Write down everything you can think of. 
  2. Take a look at the list to see why you want the particular wishes. Is it to fill up your ego or cover up your fear? Is it what you believe you should be wanting but is it really what you want? Do I really want it? Or you just don’t know what you want?
  3. If you think it’s an ego-based wish (don’t worry, we all live with shadows, and that’s where transformation happens), feel how you feel when you imagine the wish came true. Typically, the feeling you’re wanting is what you’re missing within you, and you were seeking to fill the emotion with external reality outside of you. 
  4. Once you identify the feeling you’re lacking, ask guidance to heal and bring the particular feel experience you’ve been always wanting. Imagine bringing the light to the shadow to let any stuck residues go. Thank the ego which has been protecting you from getting hurt.
  5. Once you have clarity, sit with the list of all the wishes, and do Reiki on the list (if you’ve learned Reiki). Trust whatever gift & process will be brought to you. 

And as always, let us help you with hypnotherapy for deeper healing and manifestation of your goals and dreams to become your reality.

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