Protect your energy from EMF

How can you protect your energy from EMF? This topic has been in my mind for months and I’ve been putting it off, but I literally got stung by a bee this morning so I’ll put it out there if you’re energetically sensitive and want to know more about how to comfortably live with EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field). There are therapies and tools we can use to maintain our healthy wavelength, and EMF protection is becoming one of the crucial elements as the technology has evolved to implement 5G in the US and many other countries. 

EMF is the radiation field produced by electricity. Our body and the Sun also produce the radiational field. When we are able to live in healthy high vibration, external EMF wouldn’t affect us so much, however, a lot of us are under stress, live far from nature which can cause us to be out of balance, in addition, the new 5G technology operates with much higher and finer microwave frequency compared to the previous 4G technology, so it’s becoming important to be aware, adjust the way of maintaining healthy energy and see what we can do to protect our family and nature surroundings. 

As much as nature (including humans) has its wisdom and intelligence, it has shown adverse effects on the lives of bees and birds in the cities implemented the new technology. 

6 ways to protect your energy from EMF

I’d like to share the following recommendation by Jeff Migdow, MD., my teacher and friend. The EMF range in 5G can: Decrease oxygen absorption in red blood cells. Increase inflammation in cells and speed cell aging. Effect oxygen molecules directly. What can we do to maintain health in our bodies and mind? 

  • A healthy diet, low in sugar and refined flour, avoid heavy meat, and stimulants.
  • Immune system boosters such as Vitamin C, Zinc, astragalus, garlic, etc.
  • Walks in nature, barefoot when possible. Earth balances the magnetic and electric energy fields in our bodies. 
  • Meditation and visualizations to open heart and strengthen the heart, lungs, and immune system.
  • Exercise, yoga, breathwork, tai-chi, chi-gong, etc.
  • Practice self-reiki. It helps you to connect to natural balance and cleanse your energy field. 

Energy protection tips and devices

Here is my recommendation for tools you can use. There are already many products on the market and I’m sure there will be more in the future. Some new energy tools transmute EMF to more beneficial energy rather than blocking EMF. 

  • EMF transformation kit at home and office. I’ve tried many EMF kits but twistedsage makes the best products that I can recommend. FLFE is another company that provides energy transformation. If you’d like to learn more about the science behind energy, I like the lectures of Nassim Haramein who is leading the field of Unified Physics. 
  • EMF protective crystals such as black tourmaline and shungite. Orgonite pyramids can also transmute and raise the vibration of the space. 
  • Use copper to harmonize Ki (qi) life force energy. Copper has been used as an energy conductor for centuries, and many energy workers and Eastern doctors place copper pipes under the client’s bed. You can buy long copper pipes at Home Depot or any hardware store and leave them under the bed and couch. 
  • Unplug/turn off your wifi router and your phone at night. 
  • Healing sessions to transform low frequent negative patterns to love and new understanding. Regular Reiki sessions to balance your ki life force energy. If you’re a Reiki practitioner, practice with other students. 

How to raise your vibration

Most importantly, your thoughts and emotions create the biggest vibrational field. Love and joy vibrate with 500 hz and above, while low-frequency field like anger is about 150 hz, fear 100 hz, and guilt and shame 20 hz. Of course, we have ups and downs since we are human but it’s the mind that tricks us to separate from nature and to believe we are what we are not. So come to your heart center to create the light field which can illuminate and transmute any energy that’s not the best and highest to you. 

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