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Fairies and Nature Spirit

As the season is approaching Summer Solstice, the longest daylight in a year, trees and plants are stretching their arms to the sky-high. Many cultures believe in nature spirit, and fairies among them are so busy during this season to celebrate nature where they share lives with other creatures like humans. 

What are fairies and nature spirit?

Fairies are spirit and exist in another dimension on earth, particularly in nature. They live in higher frequency, that’s why we don’t see them with our physical eyes, but rather sense their presence when our vibration matches theirs. For example, when we’re in nature, we’re stepping into their living space. When we’re open and relaxed, we can see them everywhere through a portal of our imagination. It shows us to be humble and reminds us we’re also nature, a part of this magical creation, and receiving life force as equal as all other beings on the planet. Fairies appreciate love and respect, as same as humans do, and they can otherwise be very hurt and troublesome. 

In Japan, it’s believed that God lives in every little existence in the Universe (森羅万象 八百万の神) including animals, trees, plants, insects, and humans, seen or unseen. Many Greek and Celtic myths talk about nature’s balance and mysteries through the eyes of fairies. 

Do you want to meet with your spirit animals?

In my hypnotherapy, I offer a session to meet and receive personal messages from nature spirit that is working with you in the higher dimension. It can be your spirit animals, fairies, birds, trees, and plants, and sometimes animals that don’t exist on Earth anymore but still live in another dimension. In living in the digital world, it’s easy to forget we are nature. But when you see the world from the eyes of nature spirit, your world expands to a new level of love, fun, and appreciation for beauty. 

Have a magical Summer Solstice! “I must go seek some dewdrops here. And hang a pearl in every cowslip’s ear. – A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Fairies are busy having fun right at the moment. Now switch the word “fairies” in this email with “humans” and reread it. Just doing that will open another door. It’s all about perspective.

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