divine feminine and divine masculine

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

The universal law of polarity

A unique thing about the earth is we live with the universal law of polarity. Two opposite elements pulling us apart and balance us in equilibrium. Earth and sky, left and right, sun and moon, female and male, yin and yang, inhale and exhale, constantly dancing (when it’s in balance) and conflicting (when one takes more energy than the other) never-ending circle. 

What is Yin and Yang polarity?

In our body, we have a Yin (陰) female energy on the left side of the body, and Yang (陽) male energy on the right side. We have both Yin and Yang in us regardless of our gender. The Yin female body senses and receives energy, and the Yang male body produces energies out. In the middle of the Yin and Yang body, there’s an energy center called Tanden or Hara (丹田 or sacral chakra) located about an inch below the navel where we collect both the Yin and Yang elements to create Ki or Qi (気) vital energy and distribute it to your whole body. 

Our body needs both the female and male elements equally. When the Yin and Yang energies are not in harmony, overall energy becomes low and stagnant to compensate for the disharmony, and this creates issues due to the imbalance of heat (yang) and cold (yin) elements. There are many modalities in Eastern tradition to work on these issues by acupuncture, diet and herbal treatment, Reiki, Qi-gong, all that can help you be in tune. 

How to harmonize the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine?

As much as we want to ascend to the higher dimension, we came here with the human body to experience all that we are meant to experience. And that includes working with polarity and elevate our consciousness as we learn in the process in the human realm. We carry so many physical, mental, and emotional patterns inherited from culture and society which aren’t always true to the divine feminine and divine masculine nature. 

Our Yin female energy can flourish when it can be receptive, light, fluid, and flows like a cool river with support of earthy energy. Our Yang male energy can be more confident, straight, and courageous when it’s lifted by light energy like inspirational female energy. They support and complement each other, and need a great respect for the difference to be its best. 

Our society today has been skewed to Yang male energy which created suppression of Yin to just be and observe. This structural pattern is becoming too old to transcend to the new coming age, and we’re in the place where we can start a new pattern of unification, rather than fighting to choose which is right or has more power. Both are beautiful and powerful creations.

Imagine flowing above your body, see and ask what each feminine or masculine side of you needs to say in your mind’s eye. Be open and you’ll be surprised what they have been holding on to. 

In Kanji Chinese characters, when the two opposite energies of the Sun (日) and the Moon (月) unite together, we receive a new birth of light (明). May it bring you the soft yellow light of Amaterasu Sun Goddess (天照大神) and cool contrast of Tsukiyomi Moon God (月夜見尊) to help you heal any separation and integrate the divinity in and around you. 

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