past life regression

What is Past Life Regression?

We come into this life with all the memories of lives we’ve lived, particularly ones that we still need to learn from or complete a project in this lifetime. These memories are usually inaccessible to the conscious mind; however, by using hypnosis, we can revisit them once again as the mind is relaxed to explore an altered state of consciousness. Such a hypnotherapy session is called past life regression.

How does a past life appear, and why?

When our soul seeks answers, past life memories can come up to the surface through déjà vu, recurring dreams, patterns, and behaviors that seem to have no connection in your life. If that happens, your soul might be reminding you to remember why you chose to come here at this time and what past life memories can help you heal, release and move forward. You might also be drawn to certain places or people you feel comfortable with or remind you of past times. Some people also instinctively know they have lived lives before. Our soul continues to travel with the same group of souls to grow together, and the group is also called soul mates or soul families.

Why do we go through Karma?

Karma is a cycle of actions and effects, including your present and past lives; in other words, it’s a result of your thoughts and actions, both positive and negative, over many lifetimes. Soul chooses to wear different personality traits every lifetime to experience human lives from many different perspectives through the eyes of different gender, ethnicities, statuses, etc. This karmic system allows us to learn lessons from many angles, and with your realization, it helps you become closer and closer to the omnipresent truth. Your life lessons and realization can raise your and other souls’ vibration as we’re connected through a web of light. 

Transforming past lives to the new era

As we are transiting to the new era and wrapping up the cycles of the old paradigm that went on for many centuries, releasing unnecessary karmic patterns in your system is crucial to help humanity’s ascension process. We attained so much wisdom in us through our lives-long experiences. It’s time to integrate all that we’ve gone through, the beauty, love, hardships, and sufferings, to the higher consciousness for all. 

Many starseeds came here with a mission to bring light to humanity and might be lost in a fog of the old structural matrix. Earth hasn’t been an easy place for those, but you choose this particular time to conclude your story of the Age. By bringing your past life memories, I’m here to support your process of revealing your light and healing the past that already served its purpose with gratitude.

Schedule your past life regression session

I’m currently offering a past life regression session (~3 hours) for a special price of $280. If you’d like to learn more about the subject of past life, I recommend a book, Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss MD. You can also learn more about how past life regression therapy works on my website. It’s a beautiful work to see how humans can be all spectrum of loving wisdom, and I look forward to working with your soul’s journey.

“One who previously made bad karma, but who reforms and creates good karma, brightens the world like the moon appearing from behind a cloud.” – Buddha

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