Happy New Year 2021

What a year we just went through! As we’ve been witnessing an upheaval of our systems, economy, personal health, and well-being, what are you graduating from or leaving behind in the past year? What are you choosing to bring with you in the new year? 

We have subconscious patterns and conditions created to survive and be accepted in society. When the structural systems that shaped our self-identity become fragile, we are forced to wake up to find and remember the very essence we came here to become and share with others.

Sometimes, the more you work on yourself, the more you might feel the agony or distraction because it’s human nature to resist and fear any changes. But when you see yourself from a higher perspective, you might see the theme we experienced last year was magnified with a core unhealed emotion attached to and triggered by old patterns that might’ve shaped you, might’ve been useful to you for many years, but no longer needed and ready to be renewed. 

When we came to this world, we chose each Personality, your unique outfit, to learn, enjoy and express the life essence you cherish the most, and most likely, it’s an extension of Love. May this year be the most powerful and transformational one for you and the world to create everlasting joy and peace together. 

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