healthy body and earth

Healthy Body and Healthy Earth

Connection between Body and Earth

We have an innate connection between our body and mother earth. Many of us think “we have the body” as if we own it, but our body is a product of Earth. We are temporarily borrowing it while we are here. Like other mother nature beings, the human body needs air, water, sun, food, and rest to deliver spiritual light through the human body properly. It’s simple but easy to forget that. In the modern world, where we are separated from abundant nature, how can we be in touch with our body as a temple of Light? How can we bring health back into the body? 

Wisdom from Native American Spirit about Earth

I’ve been getting messages from Native American spirits about health in the last few years. What they have been telling us is to remember the deep connection between our body and Earth. According to them, most modern dis-ease is a result of separation from Earth. Earth supports our body because our body is a part of Gaia. Our body is a living being, so does mother earth.

There are grid lay lines and energy centers (chakras) throughout Earth, corresponding to the human body with meridians and energy points. Our body is connected with them. Some of you might be familiar with earth chakras, vortexes, and sacred places to help heal and activate our energy field. For example, Sedona and Mt. Shasta are well-known places on the west coast. The frequency of certain places can support our health tremendously as we resonate with the energy of the land. Those places are wonderful to visit for release and activation, but just being in nature around us daily can help us so much. 

How to restore health in your body

Life can be busy in front of the computer, phone, and with multiple tasks, and sometimes we don’t have the luxury of being in nature. So, just having the consciousness of being connected with Earth, appreciating what she offers us daily with food and water, can shift our relationship with the motherly love of Gaia.

When we love Earth, she loves us too. Being in beautiful nature, taking a deep breath, and meditating with the wind around you can naturally adjust your energy to homeostasis. It can heal your emotional and physical pain as the body knows how to resonate with nature. 

If you’re in Southern California, I recommend joining nature walks that William Broen organizes at various trails and parks every week. He takes us on great nature walks and explains local herbs and plants along the way.

Love your body, love you as a natural being. It’s a gift we can enjoy while we’re here. 

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