Valentine’s, Aura, and Chakras

What is the color of my aura? What is a chakra? And what really energy work is to begin with?! Most people have confused ideas about energy because we’re not taught in the subject. We believe what we can only see in the eyes is “real”. Then, why so many people feel sick and miserable despite the fact that they live in the “perfect” reality? Because love which is the highest frequency is often unseen.

Aura is the energy field emanated from the body, and chakra is the energy center of your body like a generator. Aura has many layers that relate to our physical, emotional, mental bodies also astral and other bodies. Each auric layer is also connected with the 7 (or more) chakra energy centers in your body. When people see the color of your aura, they’re seeing the most prominent vibration emanated from you (or attached to you) in a form of vision. The color pigment is shown by wavelengths transmitted through the eyes. Seeing color is just one way of sensing energy.  

How are we sensing aura? We have five senses (see, hear, smell, touch, taste) like an antenna and the 6th sense (recognition) to sense other’s energy field. We are energy beings. Energy vibrates and expands outside of the physical body like waves in the ocean.

We sense the vibration around us all the time. Still, a lot of us don’t realize we’re sensing the energy because we might be 1) blocking others 2) blocking our own senses and feelings, and 3) somehow believing I’m not sensing because I don’t see the color of the aura! How ignorant is that, but I totally understand because I thought for many years why would I believe something I don’t see, feel or understand?! and what does seeing aura help me anyway? 

Many research indicates that people who clairvoyantly see an aura is less than 10%, and the other 90% is sensing through feelings and inner-knowing. But we are so trained from our childhood to not to believe what we cannot “see” and prove or make sense of it in the physical dimension. Unconsciously, we trained ourselves to block our potential to feel, connect, and understand ourselves therefore, other people around us. 

So, what would knowing about aura and chakras help me? To understand yourself. So that you can be and bring the best of you. How aura and chakras vibrate depends on a combination of your constitution (balance of 5 elements that you’re born with) and your condition and environment. When you understand your patterns, strength, and imbalance, you can change your energy by using modalities that work for you (such as visualization, yoga asana, food, crystals, interior-designs like fensui, sounds).

But why crystals? It’s not just for hipsters in Abbot Kinney because everyone has amethyst at home! Crystal is a gift of mineral from the earth, and each type vibrates with specific frequencies, which can help us resonate and restore the weakened vitality since we are 70% made out of the water, and water is easily harmonized with other frequencies. Other modalities work the same, it helps to shift your energy through the senses.

As you expose your energy field to the frequencies that you’d like to harmonize with, you become the frequencies. And you can shine more and more when you raise your frequencies, in other words, when you outgrow your old self. Death and rebirth aren’t always comfortable, so use healing modalities to help you navigate the process. Knowledge is gold. Intellect is one of the most important human faculties, and understanding the unknown can remove unnecessary doubt and confusion. 

Sending lots of love and courage. 

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