How to be a healthy empath

I would say 80% of my clients who come in for a session tell me that they’re empath and have a hard time having healthy boundaries with others and taking on others’ negative energy. So I wanted to write about how you can elevate your empathy to healthy compassion, so your energy doesn’t get drained. 

There are layers in empaths: The first layer is that they’re naturally sensitive to energy because of their magnetic energy (yin energy). The other layer is they’re sensitive to others because they feel the need for self-preservation or validation from others due to unhealed traumas and excess fear (not feeling safe).

The highest expression of an empath is its Clairesentient ability, compassion, and love for others and, most importantly, for yourself. Raising your vibration is the best solution for an empath to free himself. To increase your vibration or state of consciousness, I’ll note 3 points here about boundaries, detaching yourself from others’ energy, and healing yourself if your subconscious thoughts and emotions are lowering your vibration.

1) How to have healthy boundaries
Most empaths who suffer from healthy boundaries have a lack of self-love or awareness of their own energy. If you can’t tell your energy, it’s easy to fill yourself with others. When your vibration lowers, your clairsentient ability becomes murky. You might subconsciously look for lighter vibration in others or external sources by over-extending yourself until you get exhausted while the Light is actually in you. And often, others aren’t sensitive enough to notice your efforts, which makes the empath feel unappreciated. So be aware that when you’re affected by external energy, you’re not in your natural Light and letting your vibration lower than who you are. You can regularly practice centering yourself by taking deep breaths seven times or more and meditating. It’ll become easier as you practice more self-love and centering (grounding), which will create healthy boundaries. 

2) How to detach yourself from others’ energy
The easiest way to raise vibration is to feel the energy of gratitude. Gratitude has the high vibrational energy of a circle going out and coming in. In addition, It’s a mirroring effect. When you feel thankful, the energy of gratitude is created in you, and you’re in the circled connection between you and what you’re thankful for. When you feel low, think of 3 things you’re grateful for and notice how your energy shifts back to yourself. And, of course, If you can, stay away from negative environments or people. 

3) Heal yourself
The energy is like a magnet, known as the law of attraction. When you have energy stemming from past traumas, it comes to you because it simply is how energy works. It’s necessary to heal your subconscious patterns and truly love yourself. There are many healing modalities you can explore. If you’re interested in my healing sessions, here’s the link

Here are other practical methods that can clear and protect your energy for healers and empaths. The best protection, above all, is love, gratitude, and harmony. 

Methods to protect your energy:

  • Put yourself into an imaginary light bubble, a column of Light, or your favorite sacred geometry, feeling protected.
  • Put an imaginary energy shield between you and others.
  • See others with Love. Prayers for protection. 

Methods to cleanse your energy:

  • Change your clothes or wash your hands for an immediate cleanse. 
  • Exercise. Move your body. Take a walk. 
  • Breathwork. Breathe in the supportive green earthy energy to cleanse you and breathe out any stagnant smokey energy. 
  • Send the negative energy back to the Light. 
  • Meditate and center yourself. 
  • Spend time in nature and ground yourself on earth as much as you can.
  • Cleanse with crystals. Selenite and gold calcite spheres are effective in cleansing and deflecting negative energy. 
  • Tea for empaths called Empath and Shield created by Rehmannia Dean Thomas.
  • Cleanse with smoke, such as sage, palo santo, and incense
  • Take a salt bath. Start with a few times a month to minimize the loss of minerals.
  • Daily Self-Reiki practice, including aura cleanse. My next Reiki 1 class is on June 3. 
  • Have a regular healing session like Reiki energy work to maintain your clear energy. Even when we’re taking care of ourselves, life happens, and we have blind spots to clear. 

Method to shift your mind: 

  • Make a list of 10 things that make your heart lighter. Save it in your notes and use it when you feel heavy. It could be a short walk, time in nature, watching funny movies, cooking, jogging, singing in the car, etc. 
  • Make a list of 10 things that you’re grateful for. 

The Universe may push empaths to heal and center to be their highest Light. May your suffering be the greatest guidance for ascending higher to be an observer of the Light and Life. 

Have a delightful Spring Equinox!

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