Remote Reiki & Meditation

May 22 (Fri) at 9 pm PST

Reiki is the universal life force energy running through all living beings. Reiki brings healing and balance into your soul, mind, and body as Reiki practitioners connect you and the life force energy. Many people experience relaxation, release, vitality, mental clarity, etc., whatever helps you to restore your life force.

I channel and remotely send Reiki to my clients and subscribers to support their transformation for the next 21 days. It’s a 30-min distant Reiki. You’ll be receiving Reiki healing energy from a distance. You can just sit or lie down comfortably on the night and enjoy the divine energy flowing through you.

Please sign up for the event from the form below. New Moon is the darkest night when you can reflect the light inward; therefore, it’s a great time to set an intention as you connect within. So that you can direct your energy to fruition towards the next full moon period.

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